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Partner Sites

We've started building for you a list of interesting web sites on dogs. These partner sites will focus on such topics as dog rescues, humane societies, shelters, dog supplies, dog food, dog breeds, dog grooming products, dog kennels and more. We prefer a short list of good sites.

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Partner Sites

Family Safety Solutions --- Home for the world's first Voice Mail ID tag for dogs and other pets. If you have several pets, you only need one product. Works anywhere, all the time. Perfect for travelers; particularly recommended for pet owners living in areas where natural disasters occur

Lori's Canine Creations -- Not a big city shop. Instead, this is a quaint kitchen table business that's special. Lori knits. And knits. And knits. And her knitted items are for pooches. They're cute. And nicely done.

I-Love-Dogs --A well-done and extensive directory of Dog web sites. Easily searchable.

Working Dog Web -- Does it ever stop growing? doesn't seem to -- ever. Created for the person who loves agility, obedience, sled dog racing, carting, herding, hunting and other working dog/sport activities, this site overflows with information, opportunities for networking and more.

Perky Paws CaféPages and pages of gifts for pets and pet people. Take a look at their pet loss keepsakes. And we're told that if you use "code DOD06" when you buy from them, you'll get 10 percent off your first order.  

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