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Dan from Great American Collectibles presented his offer in Dog Freebies. We tracked results: a click thru rate of about 6 percent. Dan said, "I got a surge of requests for catalogs. Names to send catalogs to are a valuable payback."


canine times sponsorship

Only two sponsor ads are permitted per issue. They are placed at the beginning of the ezine or in the middle. They are always surrounded by copy, so they are not competing with other ads. You may use up to 10 lines of space for your message. That's based on a 65-character line count. Use less if you like. Or use it all. Remember, it's first-come, first-serve -- so choose the sponsorship position you want and reserve it today!

top position

This is the premier position. It's the first ad readers see in Canine Times. It is placed immediately below the Table

of Contents, which kicks off the start of each issue. The cost for Top Position/Sponsorship is $30.00.

second position

The second sponsorship ad (remember, we only allow two per issue!) is still near the top of Canine Times, but after the first major article. We know that our readers are not only loyal readers, but people who read it right from the top to the very bottom. Our Editor's Letter, for example, routinely includes some call to action. Never does this call go unheeded -- and yet, it is the last item in the newsletter.

Don't hesitate at considering the Second Position. It's available for $25.00.

canine times classifieds

We allow five classified ads per issue of Canine Times. You are provided 5-line ads at a total cost of $10 each. Line length is 65 characters.

All classified ads run at the bottom of Canine Times. Please include a short, snappy headline. This will be run in all caps. Do not include your headline in your line count. It's free!

Keep in mind that our readers -- unlike many elsewhere -- have actually asked us to please include canine product/service ads. They particularly want to know about specials on the web, new products and new services.

dog freebies

Articles work great when you want to invite a dog owner to your web site. Focus the article on a freebie you'll give the owner for visiting or taking some action at your site and you increase your click-thru's. You could offer free shipping, a free booklet, free consulting on a dog problem, free samples or more. If you can find a way to be unique or particularly creative, your offer will stand heads or tails above others.

We allow only one advertiser per issue of dog freebies. You write the copy, include your offer, and point the reader to your site. You decide on the length of your copy. We only insist that you provide our readers a freebie. Your cost is $35 flat.


You can use our secure online check processing form to pay us by check online, by fax or snail mail. If you pay by check online or by fax, do not mail your original check. Only mail your check if you are paying by snail mail. Make check payable to Dog Owner's Digest. All costs and payments in US Dollars, please. Ads will be inserted into our publications after your payment has cleared. A $25 fee is imposed for NSF payments.

1. We can accept credit card payments sent to when using

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Complete the order form. Note on the form that payment is being made by credit card. Then go to paypal, indicating there that payment is to be made to: Your statement will show a payment made to CFNA Inc., the corporation that publishes Dog Owner's Digest.

2. We reserve the right to reject any ad submitted for insertion into Canine Times without explanation. We will not accept get-quick-rich schemes, MLM ads and certain business opportunity or animal rightist ads. Acceptance of an ad does not constitute endorsement of the product or service by Canine Times or CFNA, Inc.

3. If you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, you must pay with a credit card.

4. If you are cutting a check from a credit union, please use the online order form and snail mail check.

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